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Our Service

High Vacuum Heat Treatment

For high vacuum specification (0.1~10-5Pa). Even the condition under the load it can heat up to 10-4Pa.

Ion Nitriding Treatment

As the surface hardness is high, the mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance and exhaustion resistance will improve. Stainless and Titanium can be nitrided.

Electrical Discharge Wire Cut Machining

Manufactured by 0.1mm wire diameter. The slit is processed by 0.15mm width. The corner is processed by 0.07R, the precision of ±5 micron.

7 days a week,24 hours reception for E-mail

We offer the best delivery time for Vacuum Heat Treatment, Ion Nitriding Treatment, Electrical Discharge Wire Cut Machining.

Plane Polishing Machining

Polishing maximum 1000mm. We meet all customer needs such as flatness,Parallelism and squareness.

Support by network until completion

Free estimating ! Surface treatment,plating, coating, feel free to ask us!
Please provide us your drawing.

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Company Information

Company Name Hatta Co., Ltd
Address 2-18-40 Hattanishimachi, Nakaku, Sakai city, Osaka, 599-8265 Japan
Company President Kenzo Sumiya
Establishment 1979
Main Business Metal heat treatment, electrical discharge wire cut machining
Capital Fund 10 million Yen
Annual Sales 400 million Yen
Employee 35
Certification ISO 9001,ISO14001
Sakai brand in honor of the excellent engineering
and iron making techniques certification "Sakai Wazashu" #0071

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Contact Us


2-18-40 Hattanishimachi, Nakaku, Sakai city, Osaka,
599-8265 Japan

Phone: +81-72-277-7227

Fax: +81-72-277-8960